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18 Aug, 2008 - Well, as long as I'm de-spamming the comments and throwing up movies, we might as well add a few (okay, 51!) more pictures! As a warning, several of them are before the movie from yesterday, so you should probably use this link.

17 Aug, 2008 - Lookit that. Our first paltry update in two and a half years. Mason's growing up, so I put up a movie he made last year after we had his twin sisters (oh, and he's so happy about that) and moved into our new house.

15 Mar, 2006 - Wow! It's only been four and a half months, this time! Anyway, there's new pics (of course) of me, including my brand new look! Do you like the 'do?

1 Nov, 2005 - Yes, I should have waited another two weeks to make it a nice, even year...but I decided to put up some new pictures from the past year.

16 Nov, 2004 - New pictures from Halloween and beyond.

11 Oct, 2004 - There are a couple of new pictures of Mason trying on his Halloween costume.

26 Sep, 2004 - Four new pictures and a new video of the baby taking his first (actually his third) step.

25 Sep, 2004 - After losing the camera for over two months, we finally found it! In honor of this fact, we've put up seven new pictures and a new video showing how crazy that baby is!

9 July, 2004 - There have been a few new pictures, and I added a video of him crawling/creeping (creepy-crawling?)

28 June, 2004 - After a [ahem] short hiatus, butterbean.org has finally been updated. I've altered the pictures format into a gallery, and made my life easier. Oh, and I added seven new pictures.

1 Mar, 2004 - Added Butterbean Cam

30 Jan, 2004 - Added a couple of new pictures.

15 Jan, 2004 - Added three new pictures.

14 Jan, 2004 - Redesigned the site a little, so it's easier to get around. I'll add more pictures tomorrow, hopefully.

12 Jan, 2004 - Added a message page for Butterbean, and added a few new pictures!

4 Jan, 2004 - Added one new pic...Masonzilla!

3 Jan, 2004 - Added pics...BUTTERBEAN PICS!

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